Art Hop, Toast and Jams and Ciabatta


Here’s something new  -  and sort of old   -  and new. We are making ciabatta again! We stopped making it quite a while ago because when we moved to the new store, we just couldn’t it right. It would have huge holes in the center.  We still get some of that, but we think we have solved that problem ……….. most of the time.  Ciabatta is a new bread incarnation, created by an Italian Baker, Arnando Cavallari, in 1962. Introduced to the United States in 1987, it has quickly spread around the world. Cavallari developed it to have a bread for sandwiches to replace imported French baguettes. Being such a recent development, look for lots of variations as bakers around the world adapt it to their cuisines.

It is named “ciabatta” (translated into English as “slipper”) because of its shape - think broken down house slipper or mule. Its shape is a result of the dough being very, very wet. So wet that it cannot hold a regular loaf shape. It is essentially poured out on to the heavily floured bench and cut into shape. All of that flour on the outside keeps it from sticking.

We love it made into crostini; slice it, toast it, slather it. Sliced horizontally, it also makes great sandwiches, grilled or not. Oh and dip it! In olive oil, soup, tomato sauce, gravy, whatever.  

AAAAAnd now…..

Friday April 5th
5pm - 8 PM
A Musical Adventure
With Graeme Shields
Never before and ??????????

We are going to have a happening (to speak in 1960s parlance)! Graeme Shields, having taken note of the fact that the elevator in the lobby sounds a B♭when it goes up, has written a “piece” that will include the elevator sound along with music made by visitors to Art Hop with some ringers from WMU.  No rehearsals necessary!  Just show up to Art Hop this Friday, bring any musical instrument or use your voice or one of the supplied Kazoos and join in the fun.

And then there is.... Toast and Jams
Sunday, April 7th
11am-1pmThe Duffield Caron Project will perform their fabulous blues and jazz with Joe on drums, Tom on keyboard and, of course, Lorraine on vocals. Just settle in and listen - they can even make current events seem to disappear.

Thanks for listening and see you soon,

Judy Sarkozy