Michigan Strawberries (and Whipped Cream)

Oh WOW Frozen Biscuits with Michigan Strawberries (and Whipped Cream)

Oh WOW Frozen Biscuits with Michigan Strawberries (and Whipped Cream)

Now that strawberries are coming in, that makes it Biscuit Season! If you bought an already baked biscuit from us (which we wouldn’t let you do), by the time you carried them home, they would be STALE.  Perfect biscuits need to be eaten as soon after they come out of the oven as you can get them on your fork! 

Our “Oh WOW” frozen biscuits solve this dilemma. You keep them frozen, and when your oven is at 425 ℉ you put them on a pan and wait about 20 minutes until they look so beautiful that you can’t leave them in the oven any more. And these biscuits will surprise you with how light and fluffy they are, not to mention, beautiful.

OK, with biscuits at the ready, you are now prepared for a Michigan Strawberry Season best described as extremely fickle. First of all, it is very often short so don’t dally. Secondly, they don’t keep well at all. When you buy them, plan on eating them for dinner that day (with hot “Oh WOW” biscuits and whipping cream of course). And thirdly there is the weather.  Some years, the strawberries are good or OK, but don’t somehow blow your mind. (Nothing in life can be that good all the time.) When your mind is blown, reserve a place in your memory and cherish it. Some years, and possibly this year, the season is too wet.  That dilutes the taste when the berries take up too much water. Some years the season is too hot which can take days or weeks off the season. Fourthly, you can’t buy the really good strawberries from a grocery store. So don’t even try, or if you do, what you will get might be really good, but will never be exquisite. What a hassle!

But that is the point! Michigan Strawberry Season can be exquisite. It will often disappoint, but even then, it is way better than the cardboard California berry “season”. Buy small, beautifully red Michigan berries, and take your chance on nirvana.

Then there is:

Toast and Jams

Sunday, June 16th 11 am to 1 pm

This Sunday we will be treated to the music of:  The Duffield Caron Project(Which, by the way includes Joe Bradley on percussion)Lovely jazz, boogie, blues with Lorraine Caron on vocals (she's so in touch with the audience and invites us in), Tom Duffield on Keyboard (who melds his being with the listeners) and Joe Bradley on percussion (who keeps things tight and brings them together). A wonderful way to unwind from a stressful week and prepare for the coming one.

Don't forget that we are always looking for people to perform music on Sundays for Toast and Jams, and for Art Hop. Speaking of Art Hop, if you are interesting in displaying your art, please contact us. 

Don't forget that I am at the Tuesday (8a-2p) and the Thursday (2p-6p) and Saturday (7a-2p) Bank Street Farmers Markets and the Portage Market an Sundays at 10a-2p.

Sam DeLoof