New Crop Hazelnuts


New crop hazelnuts are in, enjoy a hazelnut log or fruit tart today!

Just as the glorious end of the late summer produce fades, a new treat comes on the scene. New crop hazelnuts. Our hazelnuts are always really good because of the way our supplier handles them. They come from Freddy Guys Hazelnuts in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This orchard is owned by Barb and Fritz Foulke and they store the nuts in the shell. They shell and roast them twice a week. We send an email and they mail the freshly roasted nuts to us which takes about two days. Ask us for a taste of them because almost any other hazelnut you have eaten was likely a little bit rancid. These are sweet and luscious. What could be better? 

Well we now have new crop hazelnuts which, according to Barb, grew in especially good weather this summer. We sometimes don't think about the fact that grains and nuts and vegetables and fruits all have to be stored if they are to be enjoyed all year. While advanced storage methods make it possible to have the much better products, nothing beats new crop flavor.

We are featuring new crop hazelnuts in our granola, in hazelnut logs (which are hazelnut paste wrapped in puff pastry), in hazelnut/apple pastries made with croissant dough and come the holidays you'll be able to get hazelnut rum balls and hazelnut/apple galettes (cool looking round flat pastries made with pie dough) as well.

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