More Summer Goodness


It's here, all the great food of summer. I have heard reports of really good corn this year so get cracking! Get out there and get some either directly from a farm or farmers market. Forget about grocery store corn (unless that's the only choice in which case it is better than none) Of course the Kalamazoo Farmers Market has a great selection of corn and all the other myriad of fruits and vegetables of this time of year. Eat it or cook it the day you buy it, when it is creamy and tender.

When I was a kid, we had fabulous corn—Golden Bantam. It had a deep corn taste and was not so sweet as modern corn. HOWEVER, it had its drawbacks. It converted the sugars to starch very quickly after picking. We liked to eat it the day we picked it. Of course most people didn't have that luxury so the breeders went to work developing corn with slower or delayed sugar to starch conversion and more tender kernel walls, not to mention lots more sugar. To my mind, part of the corn taste was lost. Maybe that was a good compromise nonetheless. Of course by the end of the season we whined "Corn three times a day?" as we prepped the rest of it for canning and freezing.

Kalamazoo Farmers Market Supper

The Third Kalamazoo Farmers Market Supper is going to take place on Sunday, August 18th at the bakery. We are keeping them small and limited to approximately 25 people. 


South Indian curried Eggplant soup
with Sweet Pepper Raita 

Summer Delights Salad
 Vine-ripe Michigan Heirloom Tomatoes with close friends Basil, Mozzarella, Cucumbers and Caper Berries   

Beef Bourguignon 
Michigan Wine, Beef, Mushrooms and Bacon, braised until they meld 

Gingerbread Cake
with Vanilla Rum Sauce and fresh Raspberries

The cost will be $40 per person
There will be staggered reservations for seating between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.
Please call Chef Manning at (917) 562-3137 to make your reservation.

The last two suppers showcased the nuanced seasoning and skill of Chef Steven Manning.  For those of you who don't know, Steven was born and raised in the Kalamazoo area and has worked as a chef for 35 years in New Orleans, Dallas and New York City. The bounty of Michigan farms and gardens he knew while growing up has inspired and informed much of his cooking. Chef Manning relishes the opportunity to showcase these splendid materials in a series of supper parties at Sarkozy Bakery this summer.

See you Soon,

Sam DeLoof