The Embarrassment of Riches


It is the amazing abundance time of year. When the last of the Summer Sunshine spills onto your kitchen counter as ripening tomatoes, the last of the summer squash, the first of the winter squash, and corn demanding to be eaten now, the egg plant and peppers competing in their astonishing beauty contest. Watermelon intrudes with it’s sweet remembrance of hot, unbearable days. All of them demanding your attention. Too much of everything, you freeze instead of can, you can only eat peaches outside or over the kitchen sink because their juice runs down your arms as you suck their wonderfulness out of the skin. The bounty retains it’s magic leaving the stain of tomato seeds on the front of all of your shirts.

At the bakery, we still work to achieve the best BLT we are able to make.  It needs so many perfect things: heritage tomatoes sliced thick, but not too thick and perfectly ripe, toast that is done enough to remain crisp on one side while soaking up tomato juice on the other side, bacon that shatters when you bite so that you don’t have to pull against your bite and squish the rest of the sandwich resulting in soggy bread, lettuce that is crisp so that it cuts when you bite, mayonnaise that brings everything together.  And finally, a sandwich that drips onto your plate but not too much. And if you want to enjoy some fun poking at my obsession go to:

That will put things in perspective.

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